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FlowIT will join the largest SharePoint conference in Europe

FlowIT will attend the European SharePoint Conference again this year the 26-29 of November in Copenhagen. The SharePoint Conference is the largest SharePoint conference in Europe. We will present our very own SharePoint and Office365 (SharePoint Online) products. 

More than 2,000 developers, IT-professionals and IT-decision makers from around the world will get the latest SharePoint news and discovered how this important tool benefits the workflow and efficiency of numerous organisations.


SharePoint - a platform secured for the future

In 2003, when Microsoft introduced SharePoint, FlowIT decided to base our solutions on the platform. It was a decision that today, 15 years later, made us one of the most experienced software and consultancy firms in Denmark within SharePoint. We are specialists in SharePoint and work dedicatedly with the development and customisation of related solutions.

By closely observing the trends and tendencies in Microsoft, and keeping abreast of all the new technology from SharePoint, SharePoint Online and Office365, we ensure that our consulting, solutions and product developments deliver the best result from our customers’ investments in the SharePoint platform.

How is SharePoint delivered?

SharePoint is delivered by Microsoft in two ways:

  • As part of the platform operated internally - SharePoint on-Prem
  • As part of Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft Online.



Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of tools for knowledge sharing and document handling

Here is a selection of some of the functions SharePoint features:

File sharing and storing

Benefit: Makes sharing of files and storing of documents possible. 

Result: Avoid sending documents back and forth through e-mails, and adding small changes to the documents. Save time by working on documents simultaneously.

Sharing externally

Benefit: Makes sharing files with internals and externals parties possible.

Result: Avoid that documents gets out of the IT-department’s control

Content management

Benefit: Gain control of different types of data by organizing through lists.

Result: Strengthen the internal communication and data-discipline.

Space for cooperation

Benefit: Create webs where teams can cooperate and store data and documents. 

Result: Efficient teamwork around identified projects and larger tasks.  

Space for communication

Benefit: Create webs which can facilitate communication to a large audience.

Result: Efficient communication through intranet.


Benefit: Create an intranet, which informs and structures mutual tasks.

Result: Improves efficient knowledge sharing and work processes in the organisation.

Mobile apps

Benefit: Makes SharePoint accessible through mobile- and smartphones.

Result: Knowledge and work tools always at hand. 


Benefit: Makes it possible to create automatic work flows and alerts.

Result: Attain more by letting automatic processes complete repeatable tasks for you.


Benefit: Search for specific information in everything that is available through SharePoint. 

Result: Makes is easier to re-find knowledge when it becomes relevant.

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