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Denmark’s most widespread project portal

ProjectFlow is Denmark’s most widespread portal that supports the entire project organisation. Today, our solutions are used by more than 55,000 end-users.

ProjectFlow is used by Danish municipalities, regions, ministries and medium to large-scaled companies; organisations who strive to increase efficiency and improve their project-completion rate; who need to increase transparency and strengthen team-work - while improving individual and shared productivity.

With ProjectFlow you get a stable software platform, which has worked seamlessly with SharePoint for 15 years. We continuously develop and improve on the platform, so it is always updated and future-proof.

We deliver ProjectFlow with a structured and thoroughly tested delivery process, to secure the systematic covering of all customer needs, while ensuring good implementation and anchoring.

The project management tool, ProjectFlow is a modular-based add-on for Microsoft SharePoint

The modules are configurable and can be tailor.made on demand. The following modules are examples of some of the most in-demand functions:

Project management

Benefit: To create a common framework for the project work, so the projects are completed efficiently, giving the project leader and team the best work environment.

Result: Common framework and overview for both project leader and the entire team.

Portfolio management

Benefit: To build a systematic process through the collecting, prioritising and initiation of projects, so that the right projects are completed successfully.

Result: Overview of projects, and clarification of which projects are completed - and for what reason.

Financial management

Benefit: Gain control and overview of the expenses and revenues of projects, to know what is initiated and which should be followed up on.

Result: Create a foundation for comparing the expected profit of a project with the financial status.

Resource management

Benefit: Gain control of human resources and who completes which task when, so that projects are completed according to strategy.

Result: To draw attention to the use of resources, to provide management with better information for decision-making.

Time registration

Benfit: Gives insight into how time is being spent. Is the time used sensibly? An hour can only be used once, so it should be spent on the right task to complete the project.

Result: Create a better foundation for efficient leadership while providing an insight for invoicing.

External project work

Benefit: Assign work space for projects, and invite external parties into project work. Coordinating and planning the tasks for external business partners.

Result: Include external participants in project work without compromising security.


Benefit: Entire ESDH-integrations or plug-ins to build on, integration through web services, REST and files.

Result: Integrating document libraries with ESDH-systems, to ensure correct filing and avoid double entries.

ProjectFlow User Forum

Knowledge sharing and networking with others responsible for projects

The next user forum will be announced soon.

ProjectFlow User Forum is for FlowIT customers who want to hear more about how other companies succeed with project- and portfolio management using FlowIT’s solutions.

  • You will become part of a strong network of people with experience within project- and portfolio management, where participants come from large- and medium-sized companies.
  • ProjectFlow User Forum is a mix of customer presentations and active “exercises”. There are always one or more customer presentations on the agenda.
  • Gain insight into FlowIT’s vision for future products and hear more about our latest innovations.

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Get free advice on how FlowIT can help your business