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The platform to success with SharePoint

CoreFlow is an application platform, which makes it easier and simpler to install and maintain user-friendly solutions in SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

We develop a state-of-the-art extension to SharePoint, which can be configured to create the ideal company solution.

We follow developments within SharePoint and SharePoint Online and keep CoreFlow updated to take advantage of the latest SharePoint improvements and most in-demand functions.

CoreFlow can be operated in three ways:

  • SharePoint On-prem
  • SharePoint hosted on own Azure server
  • As a service on SharePoint Online

CoreFlow provides 15 years of experience in one extension product to SharePoint

CoreFlow is an application platform, which makes it cheaper to create customised SharePoint solutions without coding.

Examples of CoreFlow modules below.

Gantt Card

Benefit: A drag-and-drop Gantt card for organizing projects. 

Result: Better structure with Gantt planning opportunities and overview of solutions. 


Benefit: Simple and easy administration of creating webs and provisioning of lists..

Result: Structure of webs and lists. Easy updating of SharePoint and SharePoint online.  


Benefit: Best practice interface of ESDH integration.

Result: A solid starting-point if we have not already integrated your ESDH-system.


Benefit: Importing and exporting of CoreFlow solutions and SharePoint via web services, REST and flat files.

Result: Create a connection between IT-systems, recycling of data and to avoid double entries.

Basis API

Benefit: Import and export of your CoreFlow solutions and SharePoint via webservice, REST and flat files. 

Result: Build bridge between IT-systems, reuse of data and avoid double entries. 


Benefit: Permitting smartphone view of many CoreFlow web elements.  

Result: Offer functionality to users via smartphone.  

Time and Finance

Benefit: Web elements to build solutions for planning of time and finances.

Result: A solution which matches the exact budgeting and planning needs.

Time and Finance API

Benefit: Importing and exporting of time and finances to and from external systems via web services, REST and flat files.

Result: Create a connection between IT-systems, recycling of data and avoidance of double entries.

Time registration

Benefit: Build time registration systems, register time spend on desired tasks and documents. 

Result: User-friendly and efficient time registration, which is easy to set up and maintain.


Benefit: Build formula-based workflow solutions. 

Result: Create transparency, flow and avoid losing track of cases.


Benefit: Enrich Office-documents with data from SharePoint and your CoreFlow solution.

Result: Efficiency in setting up and generating documents with data from your own solutions. 

Access and self-service

Benefit: Create user-friendly log-in facilities for internal and external users.

Result: Simplifies giving access to solutions for external users.

CoreFlow User Forum

Gain insight into how SharePoint can support your business

CoreFlow User Forum is a free, inspirational seminar for customers who want to hear more about SharePoint solutions; how they create value for companies and what possibilities Sharepoint will offer in the future.

The user forum is of particular relevance to those responsible for SharePoint, SharePoint-architects, IT-managers, IT-project leaders and people working with your intranet.

At the CoreFlow User Forum, you get a focused agenda, combining news, knowledge and concrete experience with SharePoint. Here you can get inspired by interesting cases, where Danish companies present their own experiences with SharePoint and FlowIT’s SharePoint based product, CoreFlow.



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