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Selected customers within the private- and public sectors whom we cooperate with

Software from FlowIT - MySchneider better customers service

Schneider Electric

Overview, better customer service, and closer contact with customers

Schneider Electric is a global company with 1,000 employees in Denmark.

Goal: To increase customer satisfaction rate by providing a simple way to access information via a customer portal to create an overview and gather all information and documents in one place.

Solution: A customer portal which gathers the information for customers and employees.

Benefits: Higher customer service level and closer contact with customers, improvement of internal work processes, making document handling and sharing faster and easier.

Technology: CoreFlow and SharePoint

NRGi energiselskab projektledelse


Saves 5-10% on project management and coordination

NRGi is one of Denmark’s largest energy companies with 1,100 employees and 210,000 shareholders.

Goal: To create a better overview and raise the completion rate of projects by implementing a project portal, which NRGi will use for efficient portfolio and project management of cross-organisational projects.

Solution: A project portal with portfolio and project management

Benefits: 5-10% saving on resources in connection with project management and coordination, stronger cooperation with external partners and better overview and decision making for management.

Technology: ProjectFlow and ProjectFlow External

Samarbejde med Københavns Kommune

Copenhagen Municipality

Less administrative work and better workflow

The Children- and Youth Administration under Copenhagen Municipality has around 70,000 users and 17,000 employees.

Goal: The administration wanted to improve the processes involved with quality assurance and to save time by creating a better overview for colleagues.

Solution: A portal that supports workflow with access based on users roles.

Benefits: Improvement of cooperation processes, lowering the amount of administrative work, structuring of information, and better overview across institutions.

Technology: CoreFlow and SharePoint

Fredericia Kommune anvender ProjectFlow og SharePoint

Fredericia Municipality

Improved overview and efficient use of resources

Fredericia Municipality has around 5,000 employees to support the 51,000 citizens of the municipality.

Goal: To gain an overview of Fredericia Municipality as a project organisation, a better distribution of resources, and to keep the overview in large, transverse projects.

Solution: A project portal for better overview, controlling documents and time registration.

Benefits: Improved planning of the project portfolio, which lowers the number of projects per employees and thereby increase productivity.

Technology: ProjectFlow and SharePoint.

Private companies

NRGi bruger løsninger fra FlowIT

Better overview and foundation for decision making

The cooperation between FlowIT and NRGi has raised the completion rate of projects and provided management with an improved foundation for decision making.

"We have implemented a common governance and ProjectFlow to support the projects. This has resulted in a better overview and foundation for decision making. Today, we have less simultaneous projects, but the projects that we do have, support our strategy in the best way possible. Project managers and the management group have become much more aware of deadlines.”
Roberto Bentsen, Project Manager

 “ProjectFlow External simplifies the cooperation with external business partners through easier access to documents and job sharing on the same IT platform.”
Jeanette Larsen, Project Coordinator

Technology: ProjectFlow and ProjectFlow External

Better customers service and closer contact with customers

Schneider Electric wanted to raise their customer satisfaction rate as part of their strategy. The solution was a customer portal from FlowIT, which gives customers a faster and simpler access to all the information about their own buildings.

"My primary task is to ensure that the new customer portal lives up to our customers’ expectations of getting a better overview and quick access to information. We are concerned that customers automatically get a complete overview of their own buildings, visits, servicing, etc. Also that they have the opportunity to upload relevant documents themselves. Both we and our customers are very satisfied with the graphic interface. It creates a good overview of all the buildings. A small, but very useful detail in the portal is a colour indication showing our latest review of a customer’s energy status.”
Flemming Lyngsfort, Service Manager

Technology: CoreFlow and SharePoint

The public sector

Københavns Kommune bruger løsninger fra FlowIT

Better overview and less administrative work

FlowIT has delivered an institution portal for the Children and Youth administration in Copenhagen Municipality. The institution portal improves processes involved with quality assurance, and creates a better overview for employees in their day-to-day work tasks.

"Our use of SharePoint and CoreFlow from FlowIT for the digitalisation of work processes between institutions, districts and administration provides a user-friendly solution that contributes to more overview, more efficient work processes and the recycling of data”
Lars Østergaard, Special Consultant, Center for Informatics, Copenhagen Municipality

The solution is a portal with access based on the roles of users, which supports workflow and integration of many of the underlying systems.

NRGi succes med projekter

Increased quality in Esbjerg Municipality

The cooperation between FlowIT and Esbjerg Municipality has improved project culture in the municipality, while raising the speed and efficiency of project management and knowledge sharing.

"Throughout the process, we were very attentive to the need for customisation in local departments. In one case, when FlowIT succeeded in swiftly implementing changes, there was a round of applause in the department.”
Anders Rathleff Hansen, Project Leader

"We have been very satisfied with FlowIT’s consulting within the organisational anchoring of tools and processes.”
Klaus Hyldborg Sørensen, Financial Analyses Manager

Technology: ProjectFlow, Coreflow and SharePoint.


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